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Direct Import

Modular Playsystem for outside use code HD 150805-H1

Size: 6 x 5.4m - Height 3.7m h

Product description:

• ALUMINIUM poles.
• Components designed in anti-corrosion and anti-discolouration Korean plastic, resistant to UV radiation.
• Bolts in stainless steel.
• Staircase in hot-dip galvanized metal.
• Platform in hot-dip galvanized metal covered in anti-slip rubber.
• Paint resistant to UV radiation.

On request we can quote for toys with the following optional add-ons:
- Handrail/rail in STAINLESS STEEL;
- Painted poles in hot dip galvanized metal.

Purchase include certificates User Manual and assembly instructions as required by EU legislation.
The product is available to order. Estimated delivery time: 90 days.