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Import Direct

Modular Playsystem for outside code HD15B-097A

Dimensioni: 29 m x 10.1 m - Height 7.1 m

Product description:

• Components designed in anti-corrosion and anti-discolouration Korean plastic, resistant to UV radiation.
• Bolts in stainless steel.
• Staircase in hot-dip galvanized metal.
• Platform in hot-dip galvanized metal covered in anti-slip rubber.
• Paint resistant to UV radiation.

On request we can quote for toys with the following optional add-ons:
- Handrail/rail in STAINLESS STEEL;
- Painted poles in hot dip galvanized metal.

Water Playground can be positioned even at poolside.

Purchase include certificates User Manual and assembly instructions as required by EU legislation.

The product is available to order. Estimated delivery time: 90 days.