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Elastic Trampolines with Enclosure 

The Marine model Kanguro trampolines were designed to be durable.

A new model of elastic trampoline, they are designed and made entirely in Italy, with robust, durable, high-quality materials and great attention to detail.
Through careful study and twenty years of experience, we have fine-tuned the product, by listening to and acting on the advice of our clients who work by the seaside.
The marine model was designed on the seaside and for the seaside.

Diameter 2.90 m - height 2.65 m
Ø Tube 42.4 mm - thickness 2.0 mm
Weight capacity: 90 kg


  • Innovative SYSTEM of HOOKING SPRINGS that makes the elastic mat last longer. The springs don’t wear down the hooking holes.
  • Tubing in galvanized steel 271 higher than the traditional 140 galvanization, making it twice as resistant.
  • Joints with a load capacity of 500 kg.
  • Springs in stearate steel
  • Mats designed in collaboration with Permatron™ from 250 gr./meter². Seams and holding rings made with nautical materials.
  • Springs covers in PVC, fireproof and UV-resistant, with 40 density sponge interior in 45mm thickness. the seams of springs covers are realized in nautical materials
  • Enclosure net in UV-resistant polypropylene, 30mm stitch.

Drawstrings attachment of the enclosures net is in flexible, sunlight-resistant H.T polyester.

Kanguro products are fully Made in Italy.